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Malini, an Inspiring Class 12 Student!

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October 14, 2015

Malini, an Inspiring Class 12 Student - 14 October 2015

Helping somebody in need is not something everybody would prefer to do. But this girl proved her worth at an age where we gravitate towards teenage dreams and menaces.

Malini Rao, 17, a class 12 student of Mallya Aditi International School spreads awareness on the fading recreation and sport – cycling. The benefits of pedalling, the consequences of poor maintenance of your ride, repairing your cycles and a lot more knowledge on this subject is transferred to the children who are enthusiastic about biking.

Malini came up with this idea when she was cycling in her neighbourhood and came across little children who are deprived of this virulent fun. She decided to give away her unused cycles that were gathering dust and those cycles that were not of much help to her. She then started a Facebook page based on her teacher’s guidance, which has now received a sensational response. She then started getting a lot of bicycles as she collected and stored them on the terrace at her mother’s workplace.

Malini contacts schools and chooses bright students who share the same passion and gives away the rides to the deserved. The much appreciable gesture is that Malini conducts workshops on the importance of cycling, how it helps the environment, how it improves your health and also bike repairing. She feels that cycles need to be maintained and kept in good condition for an efficient and healthy ride.

When asked about how she initiated the workshop, she said that she had only around 5-10 children when she kicked off. Gradually, she started getting more support from her friends and family who helped her in handling the finances to buy bicycles and run this successful venture. She adds that she would happily accept bikes as well as cash donations to buy the little stars their dream ride!

There is no doubt that Malini’s Saddles and Pedals is on a great path.


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