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Here’s Why You Should Ditch Your Contacts Lenses For Glasses

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November 30, 2017


All the women with power glasses would certainly hate wearing them! Power glasses are a pain to even think of even though it’s a personal choice. Wearing glasses centuries back was an unpopular fashion but, these days most of us wear eyeglasses and has become popular, fashionable and a necessity than ever before. Glasses accentuates and adds a great style-statement to your personality. Here are few things you will notice when you start wearing eyeglasses instead of contact lenses:

  1. Have you noticed that your ophthalmologist is always seen with glasses and never with contacts? Did you know contact lens covers the cornea which in turn decreases the supply of oxygen? Sleeping in contact lenses, hypoxia can occur which leads to red eyes, discomfort, temporary blurred vision and inflammation cause eye infection. Wearing glasses can keep you away from all eye irritations.


  1. It definitely gives you more freedom. Having a night out or sleepover? You can just keep your glasses away! With contact lenses, comes planning, scheduling and baggage. Eye solution and lens case is a must but with eyeglasses, all you need is a flat surface to place it. Eyeglasses are a total freedom when you want to take small naps.


  1. You may think a signature look is just for artists, designers and those who are famous. With carefully-chosen eyeglasses, you will emphasize your best features, while deemphasizing the features that you don’t like as much. Anyone can have a signature look; all you need to look out for is shape, detailing, colour and fit! You can make up your own defining style!


  1. If you’re a person who works for hours in front of the laptop, you would know how tired, dry and stressed it would feel by the end of the day! Your eyes will feel more fresh and rejuvenated when you wear glasses with anti-reflective coatings. It improves comfort when using computers or other devices for long periods of time by reducing glare.


  1. Last but not the least; it helps you save some money. The cost of eyeglasses varies depending on the frames, lens category and on their prescription. The costs incurred are much cheaper than the contact lenses that we need to purchase monthly.

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