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Did You Know That Moles Have A Lot To Say About Your Personality?

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October 10, 2017


Do you have any moles on your face, neck, hands or legs? Do you feel it is just a spot or a cluster of pigmentation? But, do you know that it could be more than what you think it is?

According to Chinese and Hindu astrology, the moles on your body tell a lot about you and your nature. It gives a helpful view into your state of mind, future, personality and health.

Here are a few things you may not know about what moles say about your personality:

  1. Having a mole on your forehead means that you are very strong. Mole on the right part of the forehead denotes wealth, fame and success. In the centre of the forehead, means you aren’t communicating well with people in authority.


  1. If you have a mole in the middle of the eyebrows, it denotes a high level of intelligence, leadership qualities, wealth, name and fame? And, moles under the eyebrow, means abundant wealth. If a mole is hidden from view, it is considered to be even more noteworthy and special, like veiled treasure!


  1. Did you know that a mole on the eyelid means disharmony within the family and a tendency to lose money? And, that they enjoy intelligence-related work?


  1. If you have a mole on the corner of the right eye it means you are very emotional. You may also be jealous of others! You are very passionate about love than others if you have a mole under your right eye.


  1. In Chinese astrology, ears symbolize your character, so a mole on the earlobes is a sign of a good personality and reputation. Whereas, a mole on the ear means good earnings, luxurious life, intelligence and being wise.


  1. Did you know having a mole in the right earlobe means being committed and good to your family? And if it’s on the left side, you will obtain a good husband?


  1. Having a mole on the right cheek means that you are a sensitive person and that you give a lot of respect to your family. Moles on the left cheek represent a person who is introvert and arrogant, and who would face troubles in the life. If you have a mole on the right side of your cheekbone, it means you are emotional and end up having arguments with your loved ones. And, if you have it on the left side of your cheekbone, you must be a good planner!


  1. Did you know a mole on the tip of the nose represents quick thinking, instability and quick temper? If you have a mole anywhere else on the nose, means you are artistic or travel a lot!


  1. Having a mole on the chin means tenacity, determination and stubbornness. It can lead to success or failure depending on how you direct this in your life. Women with a mole on their chin tend to be beautiful!


  1. Having a mole on the upper lip is considered to be “food luck” and it means you have a great personality. A mole on your lower lip means your children will be successful!


  1. Did you know that if you have a mole on your neck, you could have an unreasonable personality?


  1. Having a mole on either side of the shoulder indicates that you are a sensible and practical person.


  1. Having moles on arm regions indicate that you are polite, brave, calm and a good decision maker. Moles on armpits mean facing struggles which are well rewarded, usually with wealth and having moles on the elbow indicate the love for travelling.


  1. Did you know that having a mole near the chest symbolizes power, high status in society or your profession?

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